Georgian Liberty is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in September 2021 by three teenagers. Our goal is to raise awareness about conflict and occupied territories in Georgia, both locally and globally.

We provide information about the war and active projects to any site user. We want to create a credible source of information on an active political topic that will be accessible to all. The main priority of the project is to present the situation worldwide, by popularizing the subject. Our core value is clearly and objectively presented information that carries no propaganda or controversial content and displays fact-based information to users.

As part of the organization’s work, we work to raise awareness of issues related to occupation, de-occupation, and conflict situations. We are actively involved in the discussion of public, legal, domestic, and foreign policy issues related to our subject of interest. We provide independent studies, findings, and host/take part in social projects. We promote civic campaigns, informing and engaging the population on issues related to the occupation.

We currently have plans for our future projects, the main objectives of which will be: to popularize the issue, to restore and simplify digital communication between the part of the population living in the occupied territories.

Project founders

Nikusha Sirbiladze

Giorgi Kakhiani

Nick Khabelashvili


Levan Ghambashidze

Roin metreveli

Lasha chantladze